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Mobile and Computer Accessories Store Lahore, Pakistan By Vadia Store:

mobile and computer accessories store

The mission of the VADIA store is to offer high speed and most reliable products to the customer in all over the WORLD. Customer Satisfaction is always the number one priority. Our mobile and computer accessories store operates worldwide and you can enjoy free delivery of all orders.

VADIA store is a top leading mobile and computer accessories store in Lahore, Pakistan that offers its services all over the world. It offers the best quality and reliable products to their customers. Most people have no idea about laptops and mobile phones, and they can’t benefit from them. Our services are easily available at any place where you live. Our and computer accessories store will upgrade your entire life. These mobile accessories or computer accessories provide ease for using laptops and mobile. There are many available mobile and computer accessories store in the market, but our mobile and laptop services are quality-based because we want to make a strong relationship with our customers.

Laptops still play a very important role in our everyday lives because of their flexibility. They are highly skilled specialists and serve you at affordable budgets. There is a list of laptop and mobile Accessories.


Laptop Bag

The device safety always comes first, and therefore, a laptop bag takes the first spot on this list. You can’t carry your notebook, laptop to your work or anywhere without a bag or a case. So VADIA Store provides quality of laptop bags.

Cleaner Tool Kit

VADIA Store has a variety of cleaning tools for the laptop and computer. This cleaning kit offers great worth for its money with its stuffing that includes a premium anti-static brush, spraying bottle, solution, and wipes. It does not contain any harmful chemical but keeps it far from the child’s reach.

The external hard drive

Our mobile and computer accessories store provides external hard drives in different sizes like 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, and 5TB. It also uses a USB 3.0 connection and works with Macs, PCs, and the PlayStation 4. It also gives a long-lasting option; look at the Glyph Studio featured in our music recording gear guide.

Cooling Pads

If you are using your laptops for long periods, then It required cooling. Now VADIA store solves this problem and provides an accessory, which name is the cooling pad. If you want to increase the life of your laptop, then use this pad.


Security Device 

We also provide the security device in accessories for keeping your notebook safe and secure. It is very important, especially while traveling. Different types of security devices are available in our store for laptops in the form of cables and docks that attach your laptop with some stationary object.



We also have a quality of headphones that have a 20-plus-hour battery life, the tech that lets you adjust the outside noise you want to cancel out, and you can add a second Bluetooth device to share your music.



We also have the quality of headphones that have a 20-plus-hour battery life, the tech lets you adjust the noise you want to cancel out, and you can add a second Bluetooth device to share your music.


Headphone holders

When you aren’t listening to any music, you want a place to stick your headphones. This wooden headphone stand is smooth as heck, and it is 10 inches tall.

USB reading lamp

Vadia provides a USB-powered light is a unique, perfect, portable accessory. It has a flexible neck, 14 LEDs, and three brightness levels. It helps the college students during study or nighttime worker.

USB-C hub

VADIA store brings a great solution in the form of a USB-C hub is an eight-in-one. It helps to attach multiple devices with it. This adapter includes:

Inputs for an Ethernet cable.

A microSD card.

An SD Card.

Three USB 3.0 ports.

  • 4  HDMI port so you can connect an external monitor.
  • A 100-watt USB-C port.

The keyboard protector

We also provide a unique accessory for the keyboard. It protects the laptop keyboard from spills, scratches, and form wet. The keyboard protector is a simple, reliable sheet of thin transparent material, like plastic. It covers the keyboard and easy to use while typing.

Laptop stands

A laptop stand is a perfect and best accessory for those who have to give many presentations to the crowd and type while standing. It also helps in inspiring the laptop to the right level to avoid hurting the eyes.

Wireless Mouse

An external mouse makes work much easier and an effortless task. It is a must-have accessory if you have to collect reports or do other offices work daily.


Flash /USB Drives

We Provide a Kingston Bolt USB 3.0 memory stick accessory for save or transfer your data. It can easily fit inside your iPhone or iPad’s lightning port. From here, you can easily transfer the photos to your computer via the USB plug on the opposite side of the memory stick. Unlike uploading your photos to the Cloud, this device will not reduce the resolution of your media.


Charger Cable

Cables and dongles are a big pain even when they aren’t lost. They’re irritating to carry around and can break easily. If you want and look for something cheap and reliable, we provide charger cables. It does not break easily more reliable.



The Logitech Pro Stream Webcam is the best accessory for recording and streaming HD video. Choose between 1080p footage at 30fps and 720p at 60fps. This camera has two built-in omnidirectional mics, automatic lighting correction for poorly lit rooms, and sharp autofocus.



VADIA store provides the best Laptop batteries. Its use for a long time and perform efficiently. It does not require charging again and again. In our store, different amounts of batteries are available.

Wireless earbuds

Vadia stores give a great gift to Android phone users. The wireless earbuds have a fantastic sound that suits all music types. It has long battery life, and they are really easy to use for everyone. They’re small and look quality base and sleek, too. Its charging case is the same in size as the Air Pods charging case.


Camera lens kit for phone

Take amazing landscape photos and complete close-ups with the 140-degree, wide-angle lens and the 10x macro lens in this kit. Take a simple Clip it to the phone and align it with its camera to start retorting high-quality pictures.


A flexible car mount

This accessory performs double duty by charging their phone while holding it strongly on their dash. The telescopic arm covers up to eight inches and axes on a wide arc for easy readability and access.


A smart home assistant

There’s a huge variety of things in our e-store. You can do different exercises with Google Assistant. Android devices like the Google Pixel will be happiest in the Google ecosystem and using the Google Assistant housed in the Nest Mini smart speaker.


Running armband

This band is user-friendly for all phones. This best-selling case has an elastic band; it is very comfortable. It provides the best mobile safety. This accessory also has a small pocket for holding their keys during running.


A portable photo printer

We also have a small portable printer that can print onto 2×3 photo paper straight from phones. It can do it quickly and easily to print. The latest model can connect to several devices at once over Bluetooth.


Transparent phone case

Phone cases use for the safety of the mobile. There are the following three criteria: durable, non-bulky, and beautiful. Our store is a hub for unique case designs made by artists, and it’s well worth you can purchase these attractive cases for your mobile phone.


Tough phone storage box

This rugged case is mainly like a tiny storage box, protecting their phone and their keys, wallet, and other small necessities. It is waterproof up to 90 feet for 30 minutes, making it perfect for outdoor adventures.


Wireless car charger

Wireless car charging solution looks innovative and wouldn’t be out of place in most cars. Today It is a most useable accessory. It helps the company’s with regular wireless chargers; the car charger is Qi-compatible and supports 5W charger on regular devices. Meanwhile, iPhones and Samsung devices can enjoy 7.5W and 10W charging, respectively.


 Mini projector

The projector is most incredible itself is about the size. It can projects video up to 100 inches at 720p resolution with 200-lumen brightness. It can also run on the Android 9.0 operating system that features certain TVs, and Google’s own Chromecast streaming devices and hosts are streaming apps like YouTube and Netflix.


Gaming controller

The game controller is the best accessory for Android phones and give. It is a Nintendo Switch-style design and playing style with the controllers on either side of the phone screen. If you want to play games on your smartphone, this will be a superb gift to give. It can support pretty much any Android phone, as long as the phone has a USB port on the bottom.


 Portable speaker

We also have the latest version of the popular UE Boom series is waterproof and can even float on top of the water). This “virtually everlasting” Bluetooth speaker sounds unbelievable for its size and price.


Multi-port wall chargers

Vadia provides 18W speeds with the USB-C port, while the iSmart USB-A option tops out at 12W. It has two-port USB wall charger packs. It provides over-charge, over-heat, and short circuit protection to keep your devices safe and energized.

Wireless charging pad

We offer another best accessory for charging mobile devices like a wireless charging pad. It is offering up to 15W of fast charging for Samsung, Apple, and Google smartphones.


Portable power banks

This 15000mAh PD Power Bank is a great compact option. It’s small enough to fit in most pockets and easy to store in your purse or backpack. We can easily carry it anywhere due to its small size. It has a great charging capacity. It also has 30W total output, and we can also charge two more devices simultaneously.


Bluetooth accessories

It is a good chance that you already have many Bluetooth accessories around the house, from earphones and speakers to keyboards and gaming controllers, etc. Bluetooth is a multipurpose connectivity option that lets you go completely wireless.

Bluetooth earbuds

Most people use Samsung Galaxy Buds. Plus, it is the best true wireless earbuds around you. Its pair is not too expensive, afford a host of features, and boast a long battery life and pocketable charging case.


MicroSD cards

It uses as additional storage for phones. MicroSD card support is once again available on a lot of new smartphones. If your smartphone doesn’t have a microSD card slot, you can get an external USB flash drive to store data.


Best fitness trackers

We offer the best fitness tracker, and you can buy it. It can fix all our gripes with Charge 3 and kept it at the same price point. The fitness trackers can track your steps during the walk, distance, caloric burn, and even your sleeping patterns.


Smartphone tripods

Vadia offers a smartphone tripod with flexible legs. We recommend it you can use it with both cameras and smartphones, and the stand and ball head is both included. It is strong but also portable with a weight of 0.43lbs.


Mobile lenses

Our company offers camera cases for iPhones, Samsung, OnePlus, and Google phones. Smartphone lenses can easily attach to these cases to cover your smartphone’s camera abilities.


Best selfie sticks

It is the best selfie stick made with heavy-duty. It also doubles as a tripod with legs that fold out, and you can take shots, pics from a great distance. This selfie stick is an all-in-one that should meet all your needs.

A Cross body phone pocket

This small leather bag holds your phone with a little room to spare. It is available in different leather colors.

You don’t need to be a committed gamer or a YouTube star to get the best product services for your laptop. Below, mobile and computer accessories to help protect and control your device’s capabilities. Here VADIA store has lots of reliable and best quality mobile and computer accessories, and it delivers all of their accessories in your home, offices where you want. Our team has well-trained and professional persons who serve you in the best way to handle all your problems efficiently.

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